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In recognition of the persistent and evolving insider threat to the integrity of DoD resources, the Defense Personnel and Security Research Center expanded its flagship research project on espionage to include all publicly known cases of resource exfiltration, or cases that involved the intentional and unauthorized removal of DoD resources from authorized locations regardless of classification level. The objective of this study was to identify common themes and behavioral indicators that preceded individuals’ arrests in order to prevent and mitigate future incidents. In total, 83 cases of DoD resource exfiltration were included in this study, and researchers collected information related to 392 variables of interest, to include pre-arrest behavior that matched disqualifying factors of the Adjudicative Guidelines and/or behavioral threat assessment themes. Researchers concluded that there is no demographic profile of individuals who exfiltrate DoD resources, but there are common behavioral indicators that represent intervention points, or those points in a person’s transformation from a trusted employee to an insider threat when DoD could take action to hopefully bring that person back into the productive workforce.
Topic: Espionage
Produced By: PERSEREC
Document Type: Report
Product ID: PERSEREC-TR-19-02, OPA-2019-021