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Public Websites

OPA’s extensive digital portfolio details information critical to making career decisions both in and out of service.

JAMRS Websites

Today's Military website

TodaysMilitary.com helps visitors understand the benefits of military service, military life, and the career opportunities available. The site highlights all aspects of service regarding joining, education and training, careers, and military life. There is also a section for parents and other adult influencers.

As the destination for Service-related online and offline marketing initiatives, todaysmilitary.com provides active lead generation for all Service branches.

In addition, research shows that respondents exposed to Today’s Military online media:

  • Were significantly more likely to listen and support their children if they expressed an interest in the Military
  • Viewed significantly more pages on todaysmilitary.com
  • Thought the campaign created positive perceptions about the Military
My Future website

MyFuture.com helps young adults plan next steps by aggregating the most recently available information about colleges, careers, and military service opportunities from the U.S. Departments of Commerce, Defense, Education, and Labor into a single portal. Its robust database displays comparison charts, graphs, and detailed statistics. Visitors also have access to a résumé builder, career-related articles, and checklists of useful information.

The site helps increase awareness of military careers among young adults, who might not otherwise consider a life of service, by allowing them to self-discover military careers and benefits alongside related civilian careers and college options.

Medicine in the Military website

Medicine and the Military is a resource for students and medical professionals who may be curious about serving as a physician in the Military.

With information from the Service branches, including current military medical students and physicians, the site provides a comprehensive overview of every stage of joining the Military as a physician. Using an intuitive selector tool, visitors can enter details of where they are in their schooling or career, and then receive a list of programs that they may be eligible for. It also explains the scholarships and stipends that are available for medical students and residents. In addition, site resources outline how licensed physicians can join, and also highlights active-duty, Reserve, and Guard service opportunities for medical students and professionals.

Cybermission Tech website

This interactive experience gives players a sense of what it’s like to be part of an exciting U.S. Military cyber protection team. Strategically, each level of the experience is designed to correspond with related military cybersecurity careers.

Defense Personnel Assessment Center (DPAC) Websites

ASVAB website

An all-in-one resource that provides essential ASVAB testing information for prospective applicants, recruiters, counselors, educators, and researchers. It facilitates learning more about how the ASVAB is used to qualify military applicants for entrance into the U.S. Military and into training programs for military occupations.

ASVAB Career Exploration Program website

A one-stop career exploration shop that provides students, parents, and educators access to all ASVAB CEP activities and resources, designed to support career pathway planning both in and outside the Military.

Careers in the Military website

A comprehensive career discovery resource powered by the ASVAB CEP that helps students discover extensive details about career opportunities across the Services.